Preferred RV Resort, Pahrump NV

Preferred RV Resort, Pahrump NV

We were really sad to leave the dried up lake bed to make our way to Pahrump, but our tanks were in desperate need of dumping and filing that we had no other choice.

We found Preferred RV Resort (36.2107, -115.9812) in the Passport America campground listings and were pretty excited to spend only $71.96 USD for 4 nights at an RV resort that had a pool, hot tub, woodworking shop, and more.

We made the booking a couple of weeks before heading there, but when we checked in, learned that there were lots of spots and we could have just stopped in.

Preferred RV Resort surprised us. Other than the various smokers around the park (that makes for a yucky afternoon stroll if you don’t enjoy the smell of cigarettes), we loved it here. So much so, that we didn’t want to leave to head to Oasis RV Resort in Las Vegas. We could have stayed here a lot longer. And the savings on this park alone paid for our Passport America membership this year.

Would we come back? Yes. Definitely! Even months later, Leanne still talks about how much she misses Pahrump. It’s just close enough to Vegas that you can go into town for all mega essentials (aka Costco), everyone was really friendly, and the price was right!

Preferred RV Resort, Pahrump NV

We thought this sign was too adorable. It’s legit in the middle of nowhere.

Preferred RV Resort, Pahrump NV

The view from our living room window into the courtyard where the pool, hot tub, and other amenities are.

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