Explorking is about combining the two things we love the most (other than eachother) – exploring + working… so that you can work from anywhere and live from everywhere.

Kevin and I worked at the same business, an online money transfer service, and met in the lunch room in August 2008. He’ll never admit it, but the first thing he ever said to me was a total pickup line, “Do you know that tall women are more successful in business?” From there, we were partnered together on a large project that required us to get together on weekends to flesh out the details.

Long story short, our planning meetings morphed into conversations about what we wanted out of life – our dreams, aspirations, and struggles. Months later, Kevin moved into my apartment, we got a dog, and started living out our dream life day by day.

Most weekends, we hauled out the camping gear, stuffed our Ford Escape full of our belongings (consisting of a bunch of used tarps and a smaller-than-usual tent), and hit the highway. Camping became our getaway – unplugging, disconnecting, and re-grounding.

In 2012, I (Leanne) quit my job. I started working on HealthfulPursuit.com and haven’t looked back. It was challenging while Kevin maintained a full-time job to support us. I had all the free time in the world, but his schedule was confined to weekend getaways.

After we got married in 2014, we started dreaming of owning a plot of land out in the sticks, surrounded by nature all the time. Problem was, it didn’t appease our love for adventure, took us further away from the airport, and required a pretty epic drive into the office every day. So, we went back to the drawing board.

In 2016, we were enjoying a lovely (cheap!) meal at Swiss Chalet, when the waitress started talking about her love of full-time RV living. Up until this point, we hadn’t even considered purchasing an RV. We were so inspired by our conversation that the NEXT DAY we bought our first motorhome.

A couple of months later, Kevin left his job to help with the growing business. This shift massively changed the game for us. With both of us working from home, our hours became ultra-flexible. This is how explorking was born. We began working on the road for weeks at a time and loved every part of it.

We started the blog to share our journey through developing an explorking life – where we’re able to travel anytime we want and have the ability to work whenever we want, from wherever we are.

In May 2017 we bought our current motorcoach with the intention of moving into it full time in 2018. For now, we’re fixing it up, making it our own, and will start our explorking adventures in July 2017 to work out the kinks before we jump in.

Join us as we share how we make this explorking life possible. Because the beauty in all of this is… you can, too!