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Magnolia Beach

We arrived at Magnolia Beach BLM really late in the evening after leaving Billy Bobs Truck Repair and Tires with our new drive-shaft. If you are thinking about checking out Magnolia Beach, be aware [...]

And then this happened…

We have been blessed with a seemingly never-ending supply of adventures and experiences. After spending $7,199.55 USD at the REV Service Centre in Alverado Texas, we were happy to get back on the road, [...]

Where Are We?

The reason we haven't been posting as much as usual is because we've been incredibly busy. But for good reason! We've been feverishly working on our first keto video program for Healthful Pursuit. It [...]

North Texas Jellystone Park

We needed a place to stay that was close to the REV Service Center in Texas, and Jellystone RV Park in Burleson seemed to be our only option. We liked the laundry facilities, and [...]

Seabee Park

After our stop at the Sierra Vista Trail BLM in Texas, we stopped at this awesome park near Abilene, Texas. Seabee Park is extraordinarily nice, especially if you want to listen to birds. Apparently, [...]

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