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They Call Them “Marriage Savers”

We are starting to accept that a 60-foot catamaran is a big boat, even though we don't feel Seamlessly is big. This is probably because it is our first boat and we have nothing [...]

Trawler or Catamaran?!

We started out with a dream of sailing around the world, exploring and discovering - then we started to research and quickly concluded that our assumption was correct; it's not as easy as it [...]

We are buying a catamaran

It's official, we've made an offer on a catamaran; a stunning Fountaine Pajot Eleuthera! Yes, you read that right: we are trading in the wheels and roads for seas and SAILS! Do we know [...]

Abert Lake

After spending a few days at Annie Creek Sno-Park, we decided to continue on and ended up at Lake Abert in Oregon. The smoke from the forest fires lingered for a day, but then it [...]

Annie Creek Sno-Park

After spending more than a week at the REV service center in Coburg, we were ready to escape. We set off with new air conditioning covers, a new windshield, and a new rear leveling [...]