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Silurian Hills, near Baker, CA

We spent an entire week parked on the dried out lake bed at the foot of the Silurian Hills near Baker, California. For now, this is our favorite BLM site. It was early December, [...]

Keyesville BLM

We spent a couple of days at the Keysville BLM near Lake Isabella (35.634299, -118.492629) in California, towards the end of November, before heading to Nevada. We disconnected our Jeep from Explorker2, our motorcoach [...]

Lake Isabella RV Park

We left the Keyesville BLM site one day before we had planned to, after our late-night encounter with gentlemen looking for a rope, who was unpleased that we didn't open the door. We decided [...]

Trona Pinnacles in California

We visited the Trona Pinnacles (35.6159391,-117.3824838) in early December during our stay at the Keyesville BLM campground. The Trona Pinnacles are on BLM land and camping is allowed. The Wikipedia page has quite a [...]

Redinger Primitive Campground

The Redinger Primitive Campground (37°08'45.8"N, 119°27'01.0"W) is a BLM site, and there are no fees to stay here. There are no power, water, or sewer hook-ups. We stayed here toward the end of November [...]

Winchester Mystery House

The Winchester House is a very cool place to check out if you're in the San Francisco / San Jose area. The house, which is really a mansion, was built by Sarah Lockwood Winchester, [...]

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