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Temperature Sensors for Your RV

The last thing I thought I would ever actually be interested in (we both seem to be starting a lot of our sentences with this statement since we moved into our RV) would be the [...]

Moving Into an RV pt. 3

The final stages of moving into our class A motorhome. The RV renovation is nearing to a close and it’s just about time to hit the road! How we’re wrapping things up, packing [...]

RV Renovation Week 7 – Progress!

We are finally starting to see our vision of the final result come together. We picked up Explorker2 from the paint shop last Friday, helping the painters remove the plastic, paper, and tape. We [...]

Moving Into an RV pt. 2

Where we’re at with the process of moving into an RV full-time. From the decision of whether or not to get a storage container, how we’ve decluttered, and the strategies we’re using to [...]

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