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Back to the West

Over the last few weeks, we toured the United States and Canada to meet some of the Healthful Pursuit readers, as part of the 2018 The Keto Diet book tour. We were let down [...]

Birthday Celebrations in Nashville

We haven't had a guest stay with us yet so when my sister, Christina, said she'd come down for my birthday, I was pretty elated. Christina and I spent a lot of time together [...]

Cedar Creek Campground, TN

We made it back to Tennessee! The original plan was to stay at a BLM near Nashville called Cordell Hull Dispersed but the entire property was so unlevel we weren’t able to make it [...]

Graceland in Memphis

We’re not huge Elvis fans. No wait, I take that back. We weren’t huge Elvis fans before visiting his house… but pretty sure we’re converted. We can’t stop listening to his music and for good [...]