Leanne and Kevin at Annie Creek

After spending more than a week at the REV service center in Coburg, we were ready to escape. We set off with new air conditioning covers, a new windshield, and a new rear leveling valve. We ended up at Annie Creek Sno-Park (42.761733, -122.059034) near Fort Klamath and Crater Lake, Oregon.

We decided to set up in the main parking lot, but there are some pretty nice spots down by the creek. The road down to the creek is a bit rougher, but Explorker2 probably would have been able driving down there; we just didn’t want to risk anything going wrong.

Crater Lake looked like a great place to check out, but with all the smoke, we decided to skip Crater Lake. Instead, we went to Diamond Lake and paddled around the lake a bit in our canoe.

Explorker2 parked at Annie Creek Sno-Park
When we first arrived there was quite a bit of smoke from the forest fires in Oregon and California.
Annie Creek in Oregon
This is Annie Creek, just down the path from where we parked; approx. 3 minutes walk.
Parked at Annie Creek Sno-Park on a sunny day
We were delighted when the smoke cleared, and the sun came out.
Diamond Lake in Oregon
Diamond Lake is about 1 hour North of Annie Creek Sno-Park.
Kevin on Diamond Lake
It was a beautiful day paddling around Diamond Lake – kids stayed home.
Leanne and Kevin on Diamond Lake
The last time we took out the Canoe together, Coconut tipped us over, not this time!