We visited the Trona Pinnacles (35.6159391,-117.3824838) in early December during our stay at the Keyesville BLM campground. The Trona Pinnacles are on BLM land and camping is allowed. The Wikipedia page has quite a bit of information about this piece of art that nature has given us.

The road from highway CA-178 to the pinnacles is a gravel road, which progressively gets bumpier. We decided to take the Jeep, leaving our motorcoach at the Keyesville BLM, which was a good choice. Although we could have gotten Explorker2, our 40-foot motorcoach, to the Trona Pinnacles, it would have been a very slow and long drive to prevent everything inside to be shaken into pieces.

The temperature was great, but we are pretty sure that it would be very hot here in the summer. There were a couple of RV trailers tucked away between some of the pinnacles, but other than that we were the only people there. We could hear drum-like noises in the distance, but couldn’t figure out if they were coming from the China Lake Naval Observatory or from somewhere else.

Should you go? If you are in the area, then you should check them out, just remember that the road is quite bumpy.

Leanne and Kevin at the Trona Pinnacles

Note to self: Always clean the lens before taking a picture.

Leanne holding a rock
We have never seen porous rocks like this in nature before.
The Trona Pinnacles
Bring water because there is quite a bit to explore.
Leanne, Lexy, Pebbles, and Coconut at the Trona Pinnacles
Leanne, Lexy, Pebbles, and Coconut at the Trona Pinnacles.
A strange little cave
We found this strange little cave.
From the Trona Pinnacles

A picture out into the desert.