We spent the night at Paradisos del Sol Winery in Washington on our way to Netarts in Oregon – and it was a much-welcomed change of scenery after being cooped up in Kelowna for just under a month. We were greeted by chickens, horses, sheep, a hog, and a dog. Coconut met horse for the first time and the poor horses had to deal with a VERY hyper and confused dog.

Paradisos del Sol Winery is part of the Harvest Hosts program, so if you are a member of Harvest Hosts, you can give them a call and see if you can stay a night. If you are not a member of Harvest Hosts yet, then you should probably check it out. After getting situated in our spot for the night, Leanne went inside to pick out a bottle of wine to add to our collection. Though we don’t drink, we enjoy picking up little gifts along our travels to give to family members when we see them again.

In case you have a big rig, stopping here will require a bit of maneuvering, but it’s not so bad and well worth the view.

Explorker2 at Paradisos del Sol Winery
Explorker2 at Paradisos del Sol Winery
View out of Explorker2
View out of our side window of Explorker2

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