Orchard Hill RV, Kelowna BC

Our stay at Orchard Hill RV in Kelowna, British Columbia, marked the first time we decided to stay in one place for a longer period. We were parked at Orchard Hill RV for more than 3-weeks! We were lucky to get spot #1 for the first night, with a great view of the valley and hills. Unfortunately, we had to move into spot #7 for the rest of our stay which wasn’t as spectacular as site #1 by any means.

The site was nice, clean, and surrounded by walnut trees. We were able to crack a few walnuts that fell from the trees and snack on them on our daily walk. We had 50-amp service, water, and sewer hookups – no problems and everything was great. Plus, the internet was amazing. We were even able to watch Netflix! The site would have been better with a fire pit, as nights were chilly, but there were none in the park.

We found the overall feel of the park to be quite non-community like (is that a thing?). If you’re looking for a place where you won’t be bothered by others, and everyone keeps to themselves, this is the spot for you. We’re more social and felt like the social aspect was missing from this spot. Everyone including the managers of the property kept to themselves. There was very little in the sense of daily friendly conversation, story telling, or interest in other members of the park.

If you decide to check out this place, try to get a spot with a view. The main driveway received a new layer of asphalt while we were there, which added some bigger bumps, so take it easy going in and out of the property – DRIVE REALLY SLOW!!

We paid $725 CAD for a month, which is about $565 USD.

There are many activities in Kelowna and the surrounding area during the summer months, but during the off-season, many places are closed. Thankfully we were looking for a quiet place to get some things done (like adding a CNC machine to Explorker2), traveling to visit family for Canadian Thanksgiving, flying to do some book signings, and other things, so we made the best of it.

360 of our site at Orchard Hill RV
Explorker2 parked at Orchard Hill RV in Kelowna
Orchard Hill RV in Kelowna

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