Netarts Bay Garden RV Resorts

We arrived at Netarts Bay Garden RV Resorts in the evening. The main entrances into the main park are pretty narrow, so it took some maneuvering to get Explorker2 in front of the office. The after-hours bulletin board had an envelope with our spot number and some instructions – other than the much-needed WiFi password which we got on the following day.

Quick tip on the WiFi password – they are unique passwords that grant internet access to one device for 7 days. So if you have multiple devices, ask for more passwords. They were really great about it and gave us as many codes as we needed to stay connected. The internet allowed us to watch YouTube videos, upload videos, host Skype calls, and everything we needed to do to plow through a bunch of work.

Instead of backing into our spot, we chose to drive in, giving us a great view of the bay. Sites on the other side of the park allow you to back in and still get a bay view while remaining hooked up. Because we drove into our site, we weren’t able to connect sewage. When it comes time to dump, we’ll have to flip around 😉

The campground is quiet, people are chatty and friendly, and the views are spectacular.

We paid $43 per night for 10 days. There are quite a few places close by that are worth checking out including the lighthouse (Cape Meares Light), Octopus Tree, and some amazing beaches in Oceanside (Coconut especially loves the beach). Many of the spots in this area reminded us of Tofino on Vancouver Island.

Beach in Netarts, OR
Beach in Netarts, OR
Cliffs in Netarts, OR
Explorker2 parked at Netarts Bay Garden RV Resorts
Explorker2 parked at Netarts Bay Garden RV Resorts

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