Watersong Farms in Warren, Manitoba

Leanne and Kevin at Watersong Farms in Manitoba

Let’s start by saying, this place is amazing, and both Leslie and Rudy are remarkable people. Watersong Farms is not a campground or RV park; it is a real farm. More specifically a fish and chicken farm. The smoked trout lasted in our fridge for about 2 hours before it filled our bellies — but we also saved a bunch for later.

If you are near Warren, Manitoba, getting meat from Watersong Farms is a must. You can find more information on their website (www.watersongfarms.com).

Those who are members of Harvest Hosts can reach out to Watersong Farm and see if they can stay a night. If you are not a member of Harvest Hosts, check it out (harvesthosts.com).

Explorker2 at Watersong Farms in Manitoba
Explorker2 at Watersong Farms in Manitoba
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