VIP at Universal Studios in California

We had been touring the US for two weeks, as part of Leanne’s book tour, when we decided to take a day off and give the VIP Experience at Universal Studios a try. You can find out more about the VIP Experience here, but before you pull out your credit card, read on and watch our video, you may just decide to get the front-of-line pass instead.

The great thing about Universal California is that you can experience the whole thing in one day, unlike Disney World in Florida. Here are some of the things we really liked, and some of the things we really didn’t like:

Our new Sony action camera arrived just a few days before, delivered right to our hotel, and we decided to capture a bit of our experience at Universal, here’s the video:

The big question is, drum-roll-here, would we recommend the VIP Experience to others? Probably not, unless you want to ride the Harry Potter ride non-stop (Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey); the standard front-of-line pass can’t be used for this ride.

Thumbs Up

  • Skipping the lines, even the line at Harry Potter
  • Having someone to hold our things while we go on the ride
  • Behind the scenes of the studio tour, but the Desperate Housewives stuff was SO boring
  • Interactive/simulated sets, but you don’t need VIP pass for this
  • Seeing the Will & Grace set
  • We weren’t exhausted come the end of the day, because it was very slow paced

Thumbs Down

  • The food was terrible unless you only eat sugar
  • How LONG everything took
  • A full explanation of the ride before we went on it, giving away any and all surprises
  • The extremely long studio tour
Desperate Housewives Set - Street
Desperate Housewives Set - House 1
Desperate Housewives Set - House 2
Set at Universal Studios in California

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