Sellers Lake near Astor, FL

We headed to Oscala National Forest after getting our generator fixed, slowly making our way to Destin Florida.

We’d planned to stay at Sellers Lake (29.1072, -81.648), a BLM site, for 14 days but only made it to day 4. We arrived on Thursday but had to vacate on Sunday when volunteers came by and told us that Oscala National Forest does not allow primitive camping in vehicles, including RVs, and recommended we leave to avoid getting a fine.

The volunteers were nice enough, but the whole thing didn’t make much sense. They’d said that it was because people made meth in their RVs and therefore no one was allowed to camp in the park. We’re guests in this wonderful place, so decided just to leave… but if there’s a meth problem, perhaps it’s good to have other people around to report the bad ones?

All good though. We had a great time here – the boat ramp was busy, we saw a bunch of airboats, met a couple new people, there were great hiking paths through the forest, perfect trees for hammocks, and a bunch of roads that GoBe loved to explore.

We ordered an Origami Boat (called MyCanoe) so we could launch it off the boat ramp here, but will have to wait for our next location.

Would we come back? Yeah, we loved it… perhaps in a couple of years the place will be free of rolling meth labs and it’ll be good to return.

The fenced-in dog park at Cal Expo RV Park

Our setup! We never did have a fire, even though we had planned on one. But we did fill up two entire garbage bags full of trash that other campers had left behind.

The fenced-in dog park at Cal Expo RV Park

We loved these tini-tiny pinnacles shaped in the ground on one of our hikes.

The fenced-in dog park at Cal Expo RV Park

We hung out in the hammocks a lot… I stole Kevin’s hammock a bunch, forcing him to share.

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