Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park – Bison Hollow

Explorker2 parked at Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park

Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park is a great campground, especially when you want to be close to water because the campgrounds are right on the lake. Unfortunately, we were not able to reserve a site with electricity, but our solar panels and generator came to the rescue. There are two sides, separated by the highway. We were on the side that the office is not on, Bison Hollow, and it was quiet and the sites were quite big. There also was free firewood! There are a number of other campgrounds on the other side, all are part of the provincial park.

Before leaving we ventured over to the other side to find a dump station and discovered the campgrounds on the other side are smaller but also have more trees. There were quite a few very tight spots, so if your setup is over 40-feet, beware.

We never found a dump station.

The cellular signal on the Rogers network was essentially non-existent in Bison Hollow, which was the main reason we didn’t stay longer. The signal seemed stronger on the other side of the highway.

Pebbles, Lexy, and Coconut in the sun
View from our campsite
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