Explorker2 at Redinger Primitive Campground

The Redinger Primitive Campground (37°08’45.8″N, 119°27’01.0″W) is a BLM site, and there are no fees to stay here. There are no power, water, or sewer hook-ups. We stayed here toward the end of November and the weather was amazing.

This campground is a great spot if you want a place to disconnect, but it does come with a few important bits of information you should know.

The drive in and out could be considered “adventurous.” The ranger at North Fork whom we told where we are staying with our 40-foot motor coach thought we are nuts to drive a unit of that size there. If we had known what were are getting yourselves into, we probably wouldn’t have gone there. There are two roads to the Redinger Campground, but we only had one option because of how heavy Explorker2 is. There is a bridge with a 12t (24,000 lbs) limit on the 225 RD to 235 RD. We drove in using the Powerhouse Rd to 225 RD route. Both routes have narrow sections with cliff-sides. Our max speed was 8 mph, but the average speed was around 5 mph and the drive from the main road took us about 40 minutes. You’ve been warned.

There were a few people in different places shooting guns. There was a father with his kids shooting across the lake, and we also came across two gentlemen with their handguns. Everyone seemed to be handling their firearms safely, but if you get freaked-out around people shooting, this may not be the place for you.

This spot is in the wilderness, and you should always keep that in mind. There are mountain lions, rattlesnakes, and biggish-spiders. We only saw spiders on our way out, walking across the road, but nothing bothered us while we were set up.

We enjoyed our stay at the Redinger Primitive Campground, but we were worried about the drive out which put a damper on things. There is quite a bit to see in the area, and there are many other campsites in the area.

360 Panorama of Redinger Primitive Campground
Explorker2 and our Jeep parked at Redinger Primitive Campground

There is a lot of room at Redinger Primitive Campground. We parked our Jeep behind Explorker2, nicely tucked away in the shade.

Boat ramp and dock at Redinger Primitive Campground

There is a boat ramp and dock close by, but the water is COLD.

A view of Redinger Lake
The scenery was spectacular. This is a picture of Redinger Lake, close to the boat ramp and dock.