We moved into the RV four weeks ago and are in the final stages of preparing the house for the buyers, selling our stuff, and getting ready to hit the road for an indefinite amount of time.

We’ve spent two weeks removing the rest of our items from the house, selling them, switching storage units, signing documents, and getting our life in order before we embark on this exciting journey.

Today’s video highlights a couple of the lessons we’ve learned while running through the final stages of downgrading to a much smaller space.

The 7 Struggles of Selling Everything You Own…

We’ve learned some key lessons during this final stage of moving into our RV full time. Here are some of them:

  1. It’s going to be hard. Instead of looking at this as losing all of your things, reframe it to gifting them to other people. When people come to purchase your items, talk with them about what they’re planning to do with the item. It will help!
  2. You’re probably (unnecessarily) really tied to your stuff. When you get rid of your last collection of items as you simplify your life, you might wonder who you are without all of these things. Push forward knowing that you’re making a choice to surround yourself with things that make you happy.
  3. Keep things that have a story. It’s likely that a lot of your stuff doesn’t have a story. You bought it when you were feeling low, needed a boost, or thought it was just “cute”. Instead of surrounding yourself with things that don’t mean anything, pick items to take with you or place in storage that remind you of a special time.
  4. Keep the things that don’t rely on your taste at the current time. Your taste changes, and keeping things that have an element of design will likely not speak to you in 6 months, a year, or whatever.
  5. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Simplifying your life is a lot of work. Thinking you can do it in a couple of months is just not feasible. Give yourself time to go through this process with ease and grace.
  6. The benefits of minimalizing your life takes time. It’s not like as soon as you get rid of your items that you feel light and free. The process itself is quite heavy and it may take time before you feel free from everything.
  7. This isn’t like the moving you’re used to. You can’t just throw everything in a box and be done with it. You have to continue to ask yourself, “do I need this?”, “do I need this?”, “do I need this?”

Saying Goodbye to the House

Saying goodbye to the house has been a challenge.

I’m not sure if we were as scared to move forward when we signed on the dotted line 10 years ago as we are now. We’ve spent our last days with the home that has been a loyal friend to us, seen us through many life stages, and is now moving on to another family. It would be a lie if we were to tell you that this is easy, but we are also very excited about what is on the horizon. (If you’re new around these parts, we renovated an RV and are in the final stages of moving into it!)

This is the home Leanne and I spent countless late nights working on projects like The Keto Diet and MadCram. Some projects flourished while others are still simmering. Thousands of recipes were created here. This is also the home that welcomed us after our travels – and after getting married.

Sounds like one magical place, right? Check it out below in a 360-tour.

360 tour of our house

No doubt, Leanne and I will visit this post to click through the 360-tour many many times.

Goodbye house – You have been and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

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