Explorker2 in the shop

We have been blessed with a seemingly never-ending supply of adventures and experiences. After spending $7,199.55 USD at the REV Service Centre in Alverado Texas, we were happy to get back on the road, heading toward the Gulf coast. After a quick stopover at Jacob’s Well, we experienced some pretty intense vibrations when the coach accelerated. The vibrations did not go away, so we decided to start looking for places to get Explorker2 serviced… again.

If you live in an RV, you know that not many service centers are open to you living in your home while they service your rig. This makes finding a service center pretty challenging.

We were lucky and found Billy Bobs, after calling many places, including the Cummins Service Centre in San Antonio, which was pretty short with us. John at Billy Bobs was great, had a hunch about what the issue could be, and sure enough that’s what it was.

The verdict: our driveshaft was a few miles away from breaking loose, and because our driveshaft is really short, it would have ripped apart the back of Explorker2; that would have made us very sad.

We spent a few days parked behind their shop while the replacement parts arrived.

Our stay at Billy Bobs reminded us of the time our battery switch broke, leaving us stranded on Highway 6 near Asher in Manitoba, and DMC Diesel who came to the rescue, let us stay in their yard overnight.

After spending $1,363.06 USD fixing our driveshaft, this team of explorkers is ready to continue heading south to find a place by the ocean with a beautiful view. We’re thinking somewhere near Galvaston, Texas. A perfect location for enjoying some quiet time and taking it easy before we hit up New Orleans for a massive work project we’ve been preparing for.

Thanks, John. Thanks, Billy Bobs.

Picture of a RV part from the drive-train

This little part shouldn’t look this way. This is what not greasing your RV does to your driveshaft.

The fenced-in dog park at Cal Expo RV Park
The mechanics believe that whoever owned the motorhome before us, didn’t properly maintain it.