Leanne in Toronto signing books

The reason we haven’t been posting as much as usual is because we’ve been incredibly busy. But for good reason!

We’ve been feverishly working on our first keto video program for Healthful Pursuit. It is hard to slow down a project once it gains momentum, especially a project as big as this. Most of the preparations for the video recording are complete, the marketing plan is just about there, technology pieces are wrapping up, and we’re heading to Louisiana to shoot the videos. This video program is going to be a fantastic resource for those who really want to make a ketogenic diet work and take things to another level. And, it’s been a dream of Leanne’s FOREVER, so it’s been fun to watch her create something so close to her heart.

Buzzuzz, tool to help companies build their teams.

We have also been working on another time-consuming project and thought what better time to share it with you than… well, now.

Both Leanne and I have worked in larger companies where personal growth was difficult because the feedback and guidance we received from our bosses were never clear. On the flip side, as a leader of a team, it is very important to make sure everyone works well together and can grow. But, when you’re higher up in the company, knowing the ins and outs of what’s going on with each team member can be challenging.

Knowing all of this, and experiencing it first hand, we decided to build a tool to help organizations build their teams. And we’re calling it Buzzuzz. Unlike other projects, where we outsourced all the software development, we decided to build Buzzuzz ourselves. Like, everything ourselves.

While we have nothing against outsourcing, finding the right people can be a challenge. A few years ago, we spent thousands of dollars, having a company build something for us, but the quality was poor and the developers eventually just disappeared on us one day. Lesson learned. With Buzzuzz, it’s been awesome to be able to execute on an idea without having to rely on someone else.

Oh yes, and we also had to fly to Toronto for our VISA interviews at the US Consulate right before heading to Calgary to slay through oodles of business meetings and spend a little time with family, too.

Needless to say, we’re looking forward catching a breath in places like the dried out lakebed near Baker.

Until next time!