Devitt Winery

Staying at Devitt Winery in Jacksonville, Oregon was a really nice escape. The winery is nestled in a little calm valley with greenery all around. We rarely drink wine or any other type of alcohol, but thanks to the Harvest Hosts program, we are starting to like wine tasting. When we attended our first wine tasting at Eola Hills Wine Cellars, we learned just how much wine is supplied at wine tastings… we got a little sloshed. So now, we ask for about 20% of what they give every one else. Just a tiny bit of wine lets us experience the different flavors, without getting blasted.

We were surprised by the range of flavors of the wines we tried here – and picked up a bottle that will make a great present for someone in the near future (we like to pick up bottles on our travels and gift them to awesome people as we go).

Brendon and his grandmother, Sue, were terrific hosts. Upon arrival, Brendon helped us get situated in the one space that they have available for RV parking. Getting off the highway and into the space was a bit challenging – a tight squeeze with a couple of deep ditches on either side. We took our time, got a little creative, and everything worked out fine. A small project, but it was well worth it.

Then, Brendon took us through a fabulous wine flight before introducing us to an awesome new board game: Hive.

If you are a Harvest Host member and you’re in the area, this is a great stop. If you aren’t a Harvest Host member, check it out.

Our view at Devitt Winery
This was our view at Devitt Winery, with a giant field for the dogs to run in.
The road by Devitt Winery

The highway that Devitt Winery is on – not overly busy and didn’t bother us at all.

Explorker2 in the middle of wine making action.
Explorker2 was right in the middle of the winemaking action, with a great view.
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