Oodles of People… in November at French Beach

After being stuck in Port Alberni for just under a week, our plans to dip on into the USA were completely out of the question because we had to make our way home. 2 dogs and 2 adults plus podcast gear, food photography gear, and two businesses that need running make working full time in a 23-foot RV a bit too challenging. We’d planned on having 2 weeks of solid exploring, but all of the issues with the coach put a damper on things. So sadly, we had to make our way back to the unlimited internet and space that home provides us.

We’d heard great things about French Beach, on Vancouver Island, just outside of Victoria, so decided to make it our last stop on the island. We weren’t disappointed! Surprisingly, we got the last spot in the entire campground. Them Victorians, they’re hardcore!

We arrived pretty late and went down to the ocean but couldn’t see much. We decided to go on the same trail in the morning when things were more visible (and safer… what were we thinking?). It was definitely the most challenging beach we’ve ever walked on. The minute you put your foot on the beach, it sinks in a good 5 inches.

See, look at us! Responsible adults walking on the beach during daylight!

The dogs were so happy. This was the first stop during the entire adventure where it wasn’t raining… Pebbles HATES her rain jacket (picture to come sometime in the future) so she was pleasantly content going for walks and not feeling like a burrito.

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