SV Seamlessly anchored in the Bahamas

We have been anchored in the Bahamas for the last few weeks, enjoying the crystal clear water, and catching up on work that has been piling up.

Wait… that was a dream.

We are still at Lauderdale Marine Center, a boatyard in Fort Lauderdale.

Sure, we’d rather be cruising and recharging. But instead, we’re neck-deep in warranty boat work, related to the JetThruster system that MultiTech installed in April of this year. We’ve been hauled out a total of 5 times for the installation and fixing errors in the installation, for a total count of 9 leaks in the JetThruster system since installation in April.

Seamlessly being hauled out at LMC in Fort Lauderdale

Seamlessly getting hauled out of the water at LMC on April 24, 2019.

The first hole drilled for one of the thruster nozzles.
The holes for the jet nozzles are drilled and ready for the nozzle installation.
The fenced-in dog park at Cal Expo RV Park
Water slowly coming into the boat in our port-forward cabin.
The fenced-in dog park at Cal Expo RV Park
Water dripping from the intake valve in the port-aft cabin.

It’s been hard on us.

We’ve incurred countless unplanned expenses as a result, with zero financial assistance from the company whose fault it is that we’re in this pickle.

Thankfully, we found Charles Hazouri, a surveyor who is helping us make sure that the current fix we’re undertaking is the last fix. Hopefully, having an experienced surveyor review the JetThruster installation, and provide feedback, will get us back on the open ocean in no-time.

And, the JetThruster team is on site to help MultiTech install the system once our Naval Architect has outlined how the boat needs to be properly prepped for the job.

So many parties needed, so much money spent.

All the work we’ve done since the initial installation of the JetThruster system has taken place at Lauderdale Marine Center. We’ve learned to love this place, having been ‘stuck’ here for 7 months. We’ve made some great connections, many of the workers and office staff are pleasant, helpful, and professional. The only thing we don’t love is the black yard dust that tirelessly makes our boat dirty!

We’re hopeful that with the change in installation plans and the involvement of many teams and professionals, this last instal will actually be our last and we can activate our Bahamas departure plan and get out on the water again!

TimeZero screenshot of route to Bahamas
Our route for the first couple of weeks is planned — using TimeZero of course. Once all of this work is done, we are ready!