Jelly Belly Factory

Leanne and Kevin in front of the Jelly Belly factory in California
The Jelly Belly Factory Tour was very interesting, it was also free, which is always nice. The factory is located in Fairfield, California. If you want more information about the tour, check out this page.

Unfortunately, we chose a Sunday to visit the factory, and there was no production going on. We recommend you plan for about two hours and take the tour on a weekday when production is in full swing. We rarely eat things that contain sugar but did make an exception to try the flavors.

There is plenty of parking, and you may be able to find a spot for your motorhome. We didn’t bring Explorker2 and left it in Sacramento.

Kevin and Leanne inside the Jelly Belly store
There are so many amazing flavors, many without artificial ingredients, but there are also a few questionable flavors.
Jelly Bellys waiting to be packaged
Stacks of Jelly Belly candy waiting to be packaged. This was just one of a few areas with towering crates of Jelly Bellys.
A shot of the factory from above, through glass.
This is a picture of the factory, taken through glass, which is why the quality isn’t the best.
A shot of the factory from above, through glass.
Another picture of the factory, showing the robots that move crates of Jelly Belly candy.
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  1. Eva March 15, 2018 at 5:37 pm - Reply

    Hey guys
    my name is Eva van Rooijen, you guys knew me as the receptionist at Fraserway RV …Me (as a person, not an employee here) I thought you guys we’re great! I just came across your page here ….and i LOVE it! I dig the new RV.
    Anyways…just wanted to say HI and love all the travel posts.


    • leanne March 24, 2018 at 7:37 pm - Reply

      Hi Eva! Yes of course, we remember you. How are things going? You had moved to sales awhile back if we remember. That’s going well? We’re much happier with our new rig and loving all the travel we’re getting to do with it! Thanks for stopping in 😉

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