Introduction to our new RV, Explorker2. A Monaco Windsor 40 PKD.

We love having the freedom of working from anywhere. Because of the never-ending technical issues with our Thor Gemini 23, we haven’t had much opportunity to get out.

This is about to change. Meet Explorker2.

Picking up our 2004 Monaco Windsor, meet Explorker2

We said goodbye to our Thor Gemini mid-May and immediately after, found this gem at High River Autoplex. We didn’t have anything specific in mind when we started looking for another RV; we only had some requirements that it needed to meet:

  • ability to house 2 workstations
  • ample storage
  • space for a large table
  • no slide outs OR functioning unit without slideouts being out
  • heated storage/service bays
  • used/previously owned
  • tough/proven chassis

This is how we found our 2004 Monaco Windsor. And we’ll be honest, we never thought in a million years that we’d ever buy, what Leanne refers to as a, Shania Twain bus. But now that we have the unit and have gone out once to test it out, we know in our hearts that this was the right choice.

Over the next weeks, we are planning on replacing the flooring, furniture, painting the walls, having the cabinetry sprayed, installing new blinds, and getting new countertops.

The design board

We are researching which bedding might be best, making sure it’s high quality and hypoallergenic. We also have shortlisted a few pots and pans sets, and other kitchen appliances that could be a good fit.

The technology front will also be getting an update. Right now we’re planning on installing a TV lift, fireplace, LTE WiFie router, tire pressure monitoring system, temperature monitoring system, and a 360-degree birdseye view camera system.

And the most exciting, we’re planning an epic media center that’ll house an electric Touchstone fireplaceTV lift, and all of our work-related necessities.

The roof of our Monaco
The back of the coach
Inside, front cab
Inside, living room area
Inside, kitchen area
Inside, shower and bathroom area
Bedroom window
The bed and headboard

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