Map & Adventures The Two Explorkers 2018-03-13T15:00:29+00:00

Graceland in Memphis

We’re not huge Elvis fans. No wait, I take that back. We weren’t huge Elvis fans before visiting his house… but pretty sure we’re converted. We can’t stop listening to his music and for good [...]

Memphis KOA in Marion, AR

We’re on our way to Nashville for Leanne’s birthday where her sister will be flying in from Canada to celebrate! We really didn’t want to leave Spring Hill Campground for Memphis, but the thought of [...]

Dagmar State Wildlife Management Area Camping

We miss Destin like CRAZY. The ocean provides something that the woods, swamps, desserts, and mountains just… don’t. Surprisingly, Florida has become our favorite state and we’re missing her! I guess this is a [...]

Yellow Hammer RV Campground

We stayed here on our way to Dagmar State Wildlife Management Area Camping. We found the campground through Passport America which we haven’t been able to use for over 7 months since there are [...]