We have been exploring Alberta and Montana in our new Thor Gemini 23tr for a few weeks now. The first two lessons we learned was that plates slide around and loose cutlery is extremely annoying. I addressed those by building a holder for plates and using cube foam to give the cutlery a home. The next lesson we learned was: if there is too much sideward movement, the cupboard doors flip open and everything in the cupboards come crashing down. So I stopped working the drawer for under the couch and went to work.

My goal is to make non-permanent modifications that can be removed. This is important because we may want to change things and when we sell the Gemini 23tr, the new owners may not like the modifications.

First I picked up some wood from Lowes and cut the base.

I’m not sure how I feel about these project boards. They break fairly easy. Usually finished projects are sturdy. Maybe I will laminate my own boards in the future, using tongue and groove.

My Bosch GLM 50 at work. I was skeptical, but it was one of the best purchases I’ve made. Maybe more accurate than I need, but I like it.

I got stuck because I wanted to cut a groove into the base. My initial plan was to use the table saw, but I was a bit worried about my fingers. I try to avoid using the table saw. My wife may or may not have noticed it yet, but I ventured out and purchased a Bosch router table for my Bosch router. One of the best purchases ever!

Here is my new Bosch RA1171 Router Table assembled.

Used a scrap piece to build the sides.

Made sure it fits. Might be a bit to tight.

Used my trusted Milwaukee 12-Inch Miter Saw to cut the sides to length.

Time to assemble. I had 1 hour to finish the insert before we were heading out, so I decided to use screws as opposed to glue. I was going to glue it as well, but was worried the wet glue could squeeze our of the sides over time and the insert would get stuck in the cupboards.

And here is the final product. When we get home I will build another for the other side. I will also sand them some more and apply Varathane to seal the wood.